Food & Fellowship

When I reflect on life and the things that have influenced me and created such memorable moments, it seems like food is often at the center of these memories.  For example, every time I eat one of those yummy no bake chocolate cookies, I go back to my childhood. Often I would come home from elementary school and those cookies would be sitting on the kitchen counter. Sometimes mom would make chocolate chip or sugar cookies, but the no bakes were my favorite.  I don't think the cookie jar ever had store bought cookies in it.

My mom is a great cook.  We always had a home cooked meal with a meat and two veggies with the lesson that your meal needed color.  If everything was the same color, your meal wasn't balanced. Mom got her great culinary skills from her mom.  Grandma was probably one of the best cooks and bakers ever! Memories of chicken and dumplings, homemade cinnamon rolls and doughnuts, and rhubarb pie have stayed with me all of these years.  And to this day put a smile on my face.

But to me, food is synonymous with fellowship, whether it be with family or friends.  I can probably count on two hands the number of times I have not spent Thanksgiving day with my extended Rowell family in Waco.  The day is truly about family, but the memories are swirled in with turkey, Nana's dressing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, pecan pie and Mom's rolls.

In recent years, my friends and I have gotten together over burgers and brunch. We've chased down food trucks and planned birthday dinners based on what D Magazine has to say.  Because food has such an important place in my life, I have some how ended up with two blogs, Burger Babes and Brunchilicious.  I hope you'll check them out when you're craving one or the other.

Burger Babes - Fabulous women in search of the best burger Dallas-Ft. Worth has to offer while having a blast.  We've been around about 6 years, although some years we've been more active than others.

Brunchilicious - co-authored with two of the best friends a girl could have, Anita de la Isla and Mitzi Richardson, as well as Mitzi's mom, Carol. 

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