Sunday, January 8, 2017

Wow!  I can't believe it's been 4 years since I've posted something for this blog. Because that also means it's been 4 years since I flew to Ethiopia with my sister-in-law for a court appearance in the adoption of two of my nephews. That just boggles my mind - so much has happened in the last four years.

I actually have a few other blogs going, so I guess it's time to ask the question, what is this blog really about and do I keep it going?  Currently I have Burger Babes and Brunchilicious which are really have really specific content - burgers and brunch!  Professionally, I also have Gifted Texan Girl. Admittedly, I'm not that good at maintaining any of them.  I mean, two of them are contingent upon my eating habits so there's that.  I know serious bloggers have schedules and such, including it in their planners and calendars.  I"m not sure I'm that committed, but maybe I do a need a little structure.

Who of my friends is out there blogging their little hearts out?  Do you have a specific focus?  Or is it more of whatever happens to be on your mind at the time?  Share your thoughts with me.

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  1. My Bee in the Bookends is for library land and my Ideas from A Busy Bee are all thoughts in between.