Monday, July 5, 2010

Here we go...

About a year ago, I thought it would be a great idea for me to do a travel blog. I set it all up and did the introduction as I prepared to go on a family vacation to Florida. We had a great time, spending time in Orlando and Vero Beach. There was a slight hitch though. I typically don't take a laptop on my vacations. After all, it is supposed to be a break from reality. Needless to say, I forgot all about it once I re-entered the real world and there it's been sitting in cyberspace for a year. Can't even remember email or password I associated it with. All that to say, I'm gonna try again. This time it's a more general blog. Yes, there will be travel, but it will also be about everyday life for a thirty-something single girl living in the DFW area. Not all that exciting, but hopefully entertaining to whomever decides to read it, and it's a great way for me to chronicle my crazy, non-stop life.

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